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Dial Restoration

Dial Restoration

Meticulous fixing of paint chips and scratches

Please see the defects on the left which includes edge paint flakes and the chip between L & E of the LOGO:

All these defects are first filled in with a matching paint and then meticulously touched up by our dial magician who has been in the works of restoring historic paintings for 30 years. For a non-trained eye, it will be very difficult to see the dial has been touched up. Our eagle-eyed vintage collectors love this service, saving an otherwise a write-off dial. The charge for these types of restoration starts from HKD 1500 (approx USd200)

Complete Dial Repaint

We can completely repaint the whole watch dial either to original specification or to a color chosen by the customer.The charge is HKD 1200 (approx USD150) per dial. For Chronograph dials, the charge is HKD1500 (approx USD 200) per dial

Dial and Hands Re-lumination

This is the most basic of a dial service, often luminous material are faded and cracked after years of expOsure under the sun, we provide a repaint of the luminous using Bergeon Luminous in either white or a matching patina to the hands. The charge is HKD 1200 (approx USD 150) for the dial and HKD 230 (approx USD 30) for a set of hands