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Who are we

Whilst already quite well established within the international vintage Rolex collector community through, this new venture intends to service a broader base with a service center for all collectable watches; vintage or modern

What sets us apart

In co-operation with a new partner (he is camera shy); Mr. Sin;  who is a second generation watchmaker, we now have access to a team of watch specialists that can provide a good watch service at a very reasonable rate.

To be honest, watch repair is beyond fixing and oiling the movement, that is the easy part.  We are a boutique watch repair outfit that can undertake repairs beyond the movement.  Don't claim your watch is dead before giving us a final look!

Vintage is our expertise

Especially interesting is that many customers come to us because original name brand watch service centers simply refuses to undertake watch repair of their own vintage watches.  The brand owners have their reasons, they have to guarantee that their repairs are up to standard as a brand new watch, but in reality the vintage watch owner simply wants the watch to run reasonably accurate.  A non-running watch is useless to the owner.

Our objective is simple: Make it run and then try our best to tune it up.

There are numerous reasons why a movement does not run accurately, servicing solves most of the issues, but beyond that ; wear and tear of pivots,  aging of parts all contribute to it.  We try our best to source new original parts for all our servicing.  If they are not available we shall either try to recondition the old part or source good used parts from same donor movements.


There is a myth amongst the non-collector society that watch repair shops swap out their original parts to exchange for fake parts.  There is some truth to this and we have seen some examples, but this is true to only hit and run operations.  We have invested heavily both financially and our reputation into this venture and we intend to set ourselves apart.  In the event that we find some non-original parts in a customer's watch we shall immediately inform the customer before undertaking repairs, this will avoid potential misunderstanding.